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Injectaclad cavity fire barrier remediation solution

Fire Barrier Services install the patented Injectaclad system, which is a retrospectively installed cavity barrier system developed by leading fire protection experts.

Service Penetrations

  • Penetration Sealing
  • Linear Gap Sealing
  • Transit Boxes

Penetration sealing systems offer cost-effective solutions to prevent the passage of fire, smoke and toxic gasses through voids around mechanical and electrical services in compartment walls and floors. These systems consist of mineral fibre ablative coated fire barriers, mortar compounds and intumescent pipe wraps and collars. 

Linear gap sealing typically consists of water based acrylic or silicone based Intumescent Sealant systems or highly compressible expansion joint strips. Providing up to 240 minutes fire protection, these products offer excellent adhesion to most surfaces.

Transit systems are designed to prevent the passage of fire between compartment walls and floors, whilst allowing the installation of services without having to destroy the fire seal. Transit systems are pre-assembled, multi layered reactive intumescent products and offer up to 120 minutes fire protection. 

Service Penetrations
Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent Coatings

  • Intumescent Coatings
  • Cementitious Fire Sprays
  • Fire Boarding

Intumescent coatings are a thin film applied system that provides up to 120 minutes fire protection to structural steelwork. Intumescent paints offer an aesthetically pleasing finish as well as weather resistance and durability when a top coat is applied. 

Cementitious fire sprays are a rapid and effective method of providing fire protection to both structural steelwork and concrete. Cementitious fire sprays offer excellent impact resistance and can be finished to provide a flat and even surface should it be necessary. 

Fire Boarding protection is an excellent method of providing up to 240 minutes fire protection.  Non-combustible fire boarding systems can also offer durability, moisture resistance and enhanced acoustic properties.

Façade Fire Barriers

  • Fire Barriers
  • Rainscreen Cavity Barriers
  • Curtain Wall Cavity Barriers

Fire Barrier Systems are essential to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in concealed spaces such as roof and ceiling voids. Manufactured from either mineral fibre or woven glass fibre fabrics, Fire Barrier Systems offer easy to install solutions that can provide up to 120 minutes fire protection. 

Rainscreen Cavity Barriers provide an effective fire and smoke seal in the cavity between the rainscreen cladding. Rainscreen Cavity Barriers consist of a moisture resistant intumescent strip faced with high tensile foil, which expands to create a powerful fire and smoke seal. 

Curtain Wall Cavity Barriers maintain continuity of fire resistance by sealing the gap between the compartment floors or walls, and the external curtain wall, both horizontally and vertically. Curtain Wall Cavity Barriers are designed to offer up to 120 minutes fire protection. 

Façade Fire Barriers

Fire Doors

  • Fire Compartment Surveys
  • Timber Fire Doors
  • Timber Fire Door Maintenance

Fire doors are part of a building’s passive fire protection system and consist of a complete door assembly encompassing ancillary products. Fully certified fire doors installed by third-party certified installers are essential in the buildings fire strategy for fire compartmentation. 

Timber fire door maintenance is critical and imperative to ensure the continued performance of the fire door. Ongoing maintenance should be considered a preventative measure and any maintenance work be by a certified company


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