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Why Injectaclad | The benefits to building owners & occupiers


Injectaclad provides a cost effective solution to a significant safety issue and gives peace of mind to building owners and occupiers by retrospectively reinstating the fire resistance performance of cavity walls and creating fire resistant compartments where none currently exist or are defective.

The patented Injectaclad system offers a clean and swift installation, which benefits the property occupiers by not only reducing the time that traditional construction methods would have taken but also by reinstating the fire resistance far quicker than other approaches would achieve at a significantly reduced cost compared to the removal and reinstatement of external façades.

If a more traditional methodology were undertaken the building would inevitably require a full independent scaffolding, something that is not always needed for Injectaclad.  As a result residents do not have light levels reduced or views obstructed for what could be months of construction works and access / egress is unhindered with Injecta installation. 

In summary, Injectaclad benefits building owners and occupiers by saving time and cost whilst being a cleaner and more environmentally friendly solution to cavity fire barrier remediation.

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