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Why Injectaclad | The environmental benefits

Using Injectaclad negates the need to remove the external façade of buildings.

From an environmental prospective if the external façade of a building is removed the volume of waste material generated is significant as are the levels of dust and debris.  Whilst some of the façade may be recycled such as brick / blockwork, which could potentially be crushed for alternative uses, insulation and other materials are almost certainly going to end up in landfill.  As an example a twenty metre long brick façade with 50mm insulation on a six storey building, with 30% windows / doors, would produce approximately 30 m3 brick rubble and 15 m3 insulation waste.  The Injectaclad method of installation would create less than 1 m3 of brick rubble.

There is also environmental benefits from low noise impact. Removing a whole façade is not only time consuming but is a noisy operation that further impacts on residents daily lives.  The Injecta Fire Barrier method only requires a 450mm x 200mm hole taking out every two metres meaning that the works can be undertaken without the need for hydraulic breakers, etc.

Injectaclad can help keep costs down for retrospectively installing cavity barriers in high rise buildings. This solution minimises disruption for occupiers and avoiding the need for façade removal.

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