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LNT Care developments


LNT Care Developments

The brief:

LNT Care Developments build care homes all over the country, with only three shapes of the building used these projects are fantastic to work on. We have completed 6 care homes so far with another three to be complete by the end of 2020.

The solution:

With most of the homes having 3 floors we start at the bottom and work our way up, fire stopping every service penetrations throughout the building. We also seal around all doors and windows that are installed within the fire strategy. 

Intumescent coating of the structural steels is another part of the scope we undertake on site.

We worked closely with them to get a few unusual items onsite. All the fire stopping was to a tested detail, which involved fan ducts being installed on the top floor into the loft space. 

Once we found a solution for this detail it made installation on site run much better.

Initially, LNT were installing the fire stopping the doors and windows themselves, however Fire Barrier highlighted this was not being to done to the correct standards. As a result of our advice, Fire Barrier was then asked to install all fire doors ourselves.  


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Client satisfaction is paramount to us and also ensures our future business.

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