Dry/Wet Risers - servicing and maintenance

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A dry riser is a vertical water supply pipe installed in a building for use by the fire services for fire-fighting purposes. It is fitted with inlet connections at a fire service access level and landing valves at specified points. It is maintained empty of water but is charged with water usually by pumping from fire and rescue service appliances in the event of a fire via a dry "inlet breaching" on the outside wall of a property.

Wet Risers are permanently charged with water.

Dry and Wet Risers are installed where there are no floors higher than 50 metres.

Where the building extends more than 50 metres higher than the fire service vehicle access level then only Wet Risers should be installed due to the pressure required to provide water supplies to the landing valves on upper floors being greater than can be provided by a fire service appliance. Wet risers also ensure water is immediately available for fire-fighting.

 The “responsible person” who either owns or manages a building/s has a legal responsibility to ensure the service and maintenance of a Dry Riser system. They must have a 6 monthly visual inspection and an annual 12 Bar wet test complete with certification. Failure to do so can result in insurance being invalidated and prosecution if the system fails.

We offer servicing and preventative maintenance for all dry and wet riser systems, all works are in accordance with “BS9990:2015 The Code of Practice for non Automatic Fire Fighting Systems” and our engineers are trained to ensure your people and premises are safe from fire.

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